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Digital Marketing is Not Easy for Big or Small-Sized Companies, so create Holistic Campaigns

Company Brands and SEO

The bigger the company brand, the higher the SEO rankings and more traffic to a the company website, right? No, not necessarily. Creating a holistic multi-channel digital marketing strategy is the most effective way to build SEO and drive traffic to a site.

Yes, bigger and well-established brand companies usually have larger #marketingbudgets and more resources, but it doesn't mean that they are better at driving traffic. Smaller-size companies with a micro marketing budgets can be more effective in digital marketing activities that increase SEO and traffic to a site, and in some cases, are better than bigger companies at their strategies in delivering a ROI, because they have less room for mistakes on pivoting to better channels.

Established companies with well-known brands can make mistakes of being reliant on the brand-name of the company, such as primarily using the company brand keywords only, for users to find the company in Google Search for its products. These #digitalmarketers make mistakes of not utilizing all of the company's product name keywords in their search strategies of their campaigns, thus losing out on potential opportunities to be found in SEO and PPC. Smaller companies with little resources normally don't make these mistakes, since they build larger keyword list strategies in broader #SEM campaigns, as well as, pay attention to their spends, due to the lack of it and resources.

Regardless of marketing budget, all digital marketers should maximize their campaign efforts by constantly challenging their digital strategies with A/B testing, expanding their keyword lists, researching their competitors choices, and testing new creatives to achieve ROI goals.

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