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3 Simple Rules for Landing Page Conversions of Digital Marketing Campaigns

keys to successful landing page conversions

Good lead converting landing pages are the key to any lead acquisition campaign, but it's not easy to build great landing pages. Follow these 3 simple rules and you will be able to ensure that your digital marketing budget, whether $100 or $1 million dollars, won't be wasted and you'll maximize your marketing campaign success.

1. Create multiple landing pages for the same campaign and A/B test them

The biggest mistake that I see my clients make, when launching new lead acquisition campaigns, are not testing their campaigns with multiple landing pages with A/B testing. We can't be arrogant as digital marketers and assume that no matter how experienced we are with digital marketing, that every target audience and campaign will react in the same way, as to the previous campaign. By simply creating multiple landing pages, such as, with different visuals or the amount of paragraph text, can make the difference on increasing a landing page conversion from 5% - 25%. I once changed the CTA button of the landing page contact form field, from green to blue, and increased my lead conversions that landed on my landing page, with a 20% increase.

2. Change only one item on the landing page from the other page

Don't change multiple items on the landing page for A/B testing. If too many items are changed on one page compared to the alternative page, you won't be guaranteed to know the cause for the better performance.

3. Run A/B testing of landing pages for a designated timeline, such as two weeks to thirty days, depending on budget

When launching a new digital lead acquisition campaign, there's always risks that the campaign can fail. Maximize the marketing campaign success by designating a time period for testing new campaigns with multiple landing pages as the "test period" and separating that period from your "campaign launch". If you designate the timeline of the test period to learn how the target audience reacts to your digital ads and interacts with the landing pages, then you can use that knowledge to maximize the best performance and adjust the landing pages and ads accordingly. Allow any failure to happen during the test period, as long as, you use the campaign launch to benefit from understanding what worked and applying it to the campaign for success.

With these 3 simple rules above, understanding how the target audience reacts to your digital marketing campaigns will be guaranteed, and you'll be able to maximize your lead conversion. But, don't stop with these rules, continuously monitor and optimize your landing pages throughout the life of the campaign.

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