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Digital Marketing And Sales Teams Should Analyze Data Weekly

Digital Marketing has significantly become more difficult to target B2B and B2C markets, with the increasing of market competition, new marketing channel platforms, generational users, and mobile usage. To combat these difficulties, stay on top of campaign data weekly, monthly and quarterly to make decisions about campaigns that are succeeding and failing. It sounds a little excessive, but it’s not.

Unfortunately, I’ve met digital marketing teams that review only the top of the funnel activities in their Analytics reports quarterly and have found, that they are the worse for success in generating leads into the funnel and adding to sales revenues of the company. I’ve seen digital marketing teams that review their metrics on a weekly basis, with a 40% higher ROI (Return-On-Investment) to a company’s bottom-line.

Pay attention to your campaign metrics on a weekly basis, can make a significant difference on ROI, since campaigns that are failing can be shut-off more quickly and diverted to marketing channels that are adding more to the lead pipeline. Also, reviewing data weekly, helps marketers understand their target market’s behavior better and allows them to provide more targeted marketing collateral, during the buying cycle decision phase.

Track digital marketing campaigns in Analytics, Marketing Automation reports, and CRM reports to view the entire lead funnel and to make informed decisions about campaigns

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