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Digital Marketing to Millenials and Generation X has Gotten Harder

Rule 1 in creating messaging in marketing, is know who and where your target market is. Surprisingly, many of my Business to Business and Business-to-Consumer company clients that I have worked with, assume that their target audiences all fit into one box and treat them as such in their marketing, which is why many of them fail in their digital marketing efforts to get highly qualified leads and have low Return-On-Investments.

Consumers and businesses want more and more customization to their personal needs and pain points in what they are being marketed to, whether it’s digital ads , news feeds, or emails, especially to the Millennials.

Millennials now fall into two different groups and should be treated as such, the Leading (26 – 31 age group) and the Trailing (14 – 25 age group). According to Deloitte’s “Digital Democracy Survey”, that 60% of Trailing Millennials are utilizing smart phones over any other electronic device that they own, comparatively to Leading Millennials and Generation X, which still utilize television and computers for their primary electronic usage.

#Marketers, know your audience when creating #messaging, because you may be spending money to target a group that will never see your messages, if you’re not in the right #digital #marketing channels.

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