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Why to use Marketing Automation Software for Digital Marketing

Marketing Automation Software is not a new term in digital marketing, but is finally picking up steam with all of the evolutionary features that are helping B2B marketers to increase the likelihood of their lead generation campaigns in email, social media, and the other channels to have a better ratio of turning leads into sales for their companies.

Marketing Automation software, such as Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua have evolved to becoming necessary Business to Business lead generation tools for marketers that want to have transparency in their marketing campaigns, in regards to how they are generating leads and converting to highly qualified leads for the Sales teams at their organizations. Features, such as creating landing pages and forms on the fly without requiring programming work from your programming team, tracking interaction with customers from social media networks, nurturing leads with lead scoring, and better integration with CRM platforms, such as are the tops reasons why every Business to Business marketer should be using marketing automation software.

Although Marketing Automation Software can be pricey, which can run from $10k per year for a licensing fee to $30k+, it’s well worth the expense, when the ROI for lead conversions improve and ultimately increases the sales for the organization.

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