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New Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy for New Year 2014

It’s a new year, so learn from the old to make changes for the new. Don’t hold onto marketing strategies that only show modest gains in 2013. Now is the time to make bold moves, such as, if you haven’t spent any of your marketing budget on marketing channels (i.e. social media) that you had been meaning to try. Test new marketing channels for the next two to three quarters and see if they can improve your customer relations with your client base. Always try with your client base first, then new leads, since your customers will give you honest feedback and be more forgiving.

Start small and build up over the year, it’s easy. Start with Facebook and build your company page for free, then create your LinkedIn Profile Page, and lastly your Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Make sure, if you are going to move into building your social media outreach programs, that you have a person that can fully manage those efforts, just as you would hire a PR Manager to manage PR efforts. Experts will make your marketing programs grow exponentially, not beginners testing out new strategies.

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