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Influencer Marketing is the Digital Marketing Trend For 2017

It’s the end of 2016 and analysts are predicting Influencer Marketing, including, will be the hot digital marketing channel that Digital Marketers should be using in 2017. If you don’t know what Influencer Marketing is, that’s ok, because most digital marketers don’t, but you will start hearing the buzz more and more about it, early into the new year.

In a nutshell, Influencer Marketing utilizes leaders in the industry to influence your target audience into purchasing your goods or services, whether its the B2B or B2C target groups. Do not confuse this with Social Media Marketing or Word-of-Mouth Marketing, but more as complimentary to social media, since Influencer Marketing needs social media and Word-Of-Mouth marketing to execute the goal of getting the company marketing message out.

Identify Influential Leaders in Industry to Create Campaigns

To create a Influencer digital marketing campaign, identify who the leaders are within the industry and market to them. Do not target celebrities, as possible influencers, for your brand and products. In today’s age of post-truths, consumers and businesses are seeking ‘real’ connections from people they respect and can trust to give them information, during the research phase of looking for new products.

Digital marketing campaigns need to be built in a multi-phase to target the influencers, as well as, the influencers being able to share the information with their followers. It takes time to create these types of campaigns effectively, but once you do, they can be a great way to increase SEO organic traffic for lead generation, back to your company website.

Remember, this type of digital marketing takes multiple campaigns to drive traffic to your site, but once you’ve been successful in your first campaign, the rest will be much easier to execute and bring good B2B or B2C leads.

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