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Digital Transformation is Necessary for the Enterprise

Digital Transformation path through the software forest

To compete in today's market, every #enterprise company still utilizing on-premise software, needs to transform digitally by moving to the #cloud and offering mobile communication options, if it wants to scale and ultimately reduce costs for #software maintenance. With the right software vendor, the transformation can be done in less than 6 months, but with the wrong vendor, can be painful, take more than a year to be deployed, and go over budget. So, how can you choose the right software for your company? Easy, do the #research.

As a rule of thumb, always research 3 - 5 software #vendors, have a live demo of the product, check out Gartner's #MagicQuadrant for where a company is positioned, get customer references, and see how responsive the company is to your requests, whether it's for a demo to speaking to a reference. I can't stress this enough, get a customer reference. Companies that don't respond quickly, before purchasing their software, will certainly not be great in their onboarding of a new customer. If they didn't treat you well from the beginning of the buying process, what makes you think that they'll treat you well, after they have your money?

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