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Why Use a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Why a Digital Marketing Consultant

So, you already have an in-house marketing team at your company, or you have a perfectly good sales team that creates their own email blasts to their clients, or your company's CEO, who is the founder of the company is great at marketing, since they read that latest "it" digital marketing book, so why do you need a Digital Marketing Consultant? Simply, because it's good to have an outside perspective on whether or not your company is performing at its best abilities, as well as, performing best digital marketing practices. Also, a Digital Marketing Consultant can conduct an evaluation of a company's digital marketing practices, to find the issues that may be costing the company marketing budget waste.

Most companies that have a marketing team or a sales team that are performing rudimentary digital marketing tasks, most of the time, do not measure the team's campaign performance against industry baseline metrics, which allows for marketing budgets to be mishandled and not perform to Return-On-Investment (ROI). There's no basis for success, except for seeing a few more leads than the month before. In many cases, a company sales team that executes their own email blasts, without an experienced digital marketing team or digital marketing strategist, hurts the company's SEO, not realizing that their bad email campaign practices, can de-rank a company website in Google SERP and not acquire sought after keywords to drive quality leads.

It's easy to drink the Kool-Aid at a company and believe that some moderate success in driving in a couple of leads to a website equates to success or sending a couple of email blasts to customers, indicates performing best email marketing practices, but it's not. Your company is performing a disservice to its business, if it's not constantly challenging it's digital marketing practices, since there are ever new evolving technologies and algorithms. You wouldn't hire a company to audit the company's finances that didn't have experience in finance right? So, why assume that anyone can execute digital marketing campaigns effectively, just because they know how to write an email or post an ad on Facebook? Digital marketing is not as easy as it seems.

best practices to analyze digital marketing

Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant to Evaluate Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant for an evaluation is the easiest and most economical way to find out, if a company is performing at its best in digital marketing execution. Traditionally, good consultants have extensive experience working with various types of companies, budget sizes, and multiple industries, to be able to create metric benchmarks and to create digital strategies, as well as, execute on those strategies to perform an Return-On-Investment (ROI). Allow a digital marketing consultant to perform an evaluation of the company's overall marketing functions and you'll be surprised what bad marketing practices are found, more often than not, which can hurt a company's bottom-line.

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