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4 Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

Digital Marketing Strategies

Here are 4 top digital marketing strategy tips to ensure success in targeting potential B2C customers and B2B companies.

Tip 1 - Update Websites

Start with your company's website in optimizing it for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No matter how good your digital marketing campaigns are, if your company's website technology is outdated and the website user path is not buyer persona optimized, good digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to the site, will FAIL. Online users will bounce immediately from the site and all of the money spent on digital campaigns will be wasted.

More than 80% of Online Users utilize Google for their Digital Searches

Google Search

Tip 2 - Launch Google PPC Ads

Small digital marketing budgets should focus on digital marketing campaigns that allow a lot of restraint on budgets, such as Google AdWords campaigns. Regardless of whether you own a small business or manage a large marketing budget for an enterprise company, digital marketers managing Google PPC ads can set daily budgets that can fit any budget and drive new prospects easily.

Tip 3 - Drive Online Users from Digital Campaigns to a Landing Page

All digital marketing campaigns should be sent to customized landing pages that are separated from the general website pages. Landing pages that are designed specifically for digital marketing campaigns, can increase sales conversions by 45%.

Tip 4 - Follow the Money

Employ Analytics tools to track digital marketing campaigns. It's important to have transparency in reporting leads and to know your customer's behavior, from initial knowledge of company's products to sales conversion. Knowing how leads move through a site will allow for optimization and improvement on increasing leads, as well as, deriving a good ROI.

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