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Content Marketing Determines Lead Generation Success

More lead generation traffic with content

The first two question that I am always asked, "How do we get more traffic to our sites?" "What can we launch now to drive more traffic?" and I always reply, "Add more content." Digital lead generation campaigns can launch without content, but they won't be successful. Content supports lead generation campaigns, since it's needed to educate users on their buyer's journey. It sounds simple, but it's not, especially to people that are not in marketing.

Content marketing or product marketing has become it's own sub-departments within the marketing organization, because it is imperative that as prospects are researching your company's products, whether it's for that latest smartphone or B2B software, buyers want to read reviews, review product specs, sit in on a product webinar, and visually see how the product works via an automated online video or demo.

It's not enough to present buyers with just one piece of content collateral, such as an infographic or product data sheet, because many buyers have become so savvy at research, that the more materials that they have on a product, the more likely they are to buy your product.

Top tip, the more product content that you can show a buyer, and at different times of their buyer journey, the more likely that your product will be purchased and you will have a better marketing campaign ROI.

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