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Blogs are Best Content Marketing Tip for SEO

Developing new content for a company website is paramount for SEO, but producing it is a struggle, even for the best Content Marketers, which is why blogs are the still the best content marketing tool for keeping sites fresh in content and increasing SEO ranks on Google.

Google requires that to remain at the top of its ranks in Search, sites must have new and relevant content on a regular basis. Digital Marketers producing new content with limited budgets and little resources have a tough time producing content, much less, incorporating a full content strategy that requires webinars, white papers, data sheets, case studies, testimonials, etc. to meet the demands of content development, which is why blogs are still the best and most quickest way to get content on sites, but that doesn't mean that the content should be random.

All content production, even blogs, should have a clear strategy and how it positions a company as a thought-leader in their given industry. Make sure to give the same consideration, when creating a blog strategy for the marketing calendar,as well as, who is writing for that blog. I see time and time again, that a company will use anyone at their company that has the time to write the blog, which can be more detrimental to the company than to writing one not at all, since the content may be dull, boring, or not relevant to the marketing goals, which is always to produce messaging that positions the brand and increases SEO for relevant keywords.

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