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Digital Marketers Should Use Pinterest for reaching Women

targeting women online

If you're a digital marketer targeting women in the United States and you haven't tried the social media platform Pinterest yet, you're losing out. According to Media Post, they reported that eMarketer estimated that Pinterest will grow 9.2% in 2016 to 69 million users rather than the 63.2 million originally projected. Also, they predicted that Pinterest will increase with every age group in the US that is online, which 22.1% of the 35-44 ages make up Pinterest's user base, but teen age group is expected to increase.

Most digital marketers are utilizing Twitter and Facebook for their social media platform strategy, but if you're not incorporating Pinterest, you will be missing a great opportunity, since most of Pinterest's users are women, which tend to purchase 2 to 1 versus men for products. Try a simple test campaign for 3 months, if you don't want to devote a good amount of your digital marketing budget, then prove the model based on Return-on-Investment, to decide if you want to make a bigger spend.

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