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Increase Lead Conversions With Buyer Personas

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Know thy Buyer is the golden rule to marketing, but I find that many companies do not follow this rule, based on the lack of buyer personas user path development on their websites, as well as, a lack of content targeted to those buyers to increase lead conversions.

When creating or evolving a company website, marketers should conduct some research with their current #customer base to understand why those customers chose to buy their products. Also, marketers should learn why prospects chose their competitors, over them.

It doesn’t matter, if a company is targeting a B2C or B2B market, always develop a site based on solving your buyer’s issues and offer content that shows how your product solves those issues. Content that should be considered, but not limited to, for developing to the B2B markets are product videos, white papers and case studies. For the B2C markets, definitely offer product videos on your company websites.

Knowing a company’s buyer personas and offering content to those buyer personas can reduce sales buying cycles, increase #lead #conversions, and ultimately improve the ROI of #marketing #campaigns.

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