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Determine Digital Marketing Efforts With Marketing Metrics

Make a Habit of Reviewing Marketing Metrics Weekly

Review marketing metrics of digital marketing programs weekly, quarterly and annually, are the only way to really know, how well your marketing team is performing in driving new leads and sales for a company. How often are you reviewing your metrics? If you have to think more than a second on that question, then you’re not reviewing it enough. Knowing your marketing metrics are not only a good way to judge how well your marketing team and their digital marketing programs are performing, but understanding the behavior of your customer, and lastly, most importantly, how the marketing programs are increasing the ROI and bottom-line of the company.

MQLs, SQLs, SALs, Opps, Wins are the most important metrics to review in Analytics reporting. If you’re company hasn’t deployed Analytics to track prospects at your site, do it immediately. It’s easy to sign-up for Google Analytics and to add a tracking code, which are free! If your marketing team is more sophisticated on their digital marketing programs, then consider a marketing automation software, such as Marketo or Pardot.

Marketo and Pardot allow digital marketing teams to review their metrics in a dashboard from the cloud, track all marketing events, score leads to improve the likelihood of highly-qualified MQLs, and deploy email marketing programs easily. These are both great tools, but review the different features for what may work best for your marketing team. Pardot does not have as many features as Marketo, which is why it is cheaper, but your marketing team may not need all the features to execute effective digital marketing programs.

By reviewing marketing metrics often, can make the difference from a company increasing their leads and sales by 3x-10x and prolonging customer retention, but can also make the difference of a company going possibly bankrupt to becoming a market leader.

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