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Optimize Google PPC Marketing Campaigns Monthly

Optimizing Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing campaigns can be tedious, especially, after managing long-running campaigns, but it’s important to remember that digital marketing trends and algorithms can change, so you’re paid ads can suffer in ranking.

Good rule of thumb, if you’re managing the campaigns internally at the company, is to utilize MOZ and Google Trends to look at your keywords and see if there are new keywords that can be added or removed to current PPC campaigns. Reviewing Google Trends monthly can show keyword trends on how local and national markets, as well as international markets, are utilizing these keywords and their variations. Also, new discoveries of keywords can keep you ahead of your competitors and be used in new landing pages to improve conversions.

Another good rule of thumb, is to try A/B testing new landing pages or adding additional content to your current landing pages to see, if new links can encourage better Click-Through-Rates (CTR). Make sure to watch your analytics carefully, that there’s not a drop off in current conversions with new changes to landing pages, that have been successful.

Don’t get lazy with your Google PPC campaigns because you could hurt your digital marketing budget ROI.

Google Pay Per Click campaigns

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