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Digital Marketing Best Practices To On-Board New Marketing Managers

OK, you’ve bitten the bullet and hired a new Digital Demand and Lead Generation Manager to increase traffic, launch new digital marketing campaigns, and drive more quality leads to your company website, but how do you manage this new manager to get the most out of them?

Start with, allowing them to get to know your company and the culture in the first month. Provide research documents on your #customers, such as #buyer #persona profiles, offer a milestones goals document to set lead expectations, set meetings with the sales and product teams, as well as, provide a company “mentor”. Many #B2B and B2C companies make the mistake of throwing the new #digital #marketing manager in on their first day without any guidance, not teaching them the history of the company, or mentoring them through the culture, and expecting that new manager to adjust immediately.

New managers are not born, they are created, and it’s proven that the most successful new digital marketing managers are most successful in creating successful marketing campaigns, when they understand the needs of the company well, which means acclimating to the company culture in their first 30-60 days, and understanding the needs of the sales revenue goals for the overall compa

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