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What's a Good Quality Business to Business Lead?

Business to Business Marketers vary on what constitutes a good lead (MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead), but a good lead, by definition, should be a prospect that has not only shown interest in a content marketing collateral, such as a white paper and/or case study, but should also have information of the prospect’s purchase time, goals for solving their product issues, and who they are, in the influence or purchase cycle. By determining all these listed factors, will help Business to Business Marketers send better leads to their Inside Sales teams. How can these factors be determined? Utilize lead scoring.

The most successful Business to Business Marketers utilize marketing automation software, such as, HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua to score their leads throughout the buyer’s user experience. By scoring leads, such as weighting with numbers from 1-100 a white paper, webinars, case studies, attendance at a trade show, and setting up form fields on a landing page to determine goals and who that prospect is, will ensure that a marketer will provide better leads and increase ROI on their campaigns.

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