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Trends Of Digital Marketing For Business to Business Marketers Into 2016

I advise many #B2B #Digital #Marketers that work for B2B Software companies and one of the biggest trends that I have been witnessing in 2015 and 2014, is the growth of #content #marketing in the marketing #budgets to supply #Demand Generation Directors with more collateral for their #lead #generation programs.

Marketing #events and #trade shows are significantly decreasing for quality lead conversions for marketers, so many marketers have looked towards digital marketing to increase their #ROIs and create better quality of leads for the #Inside #Sales teams, which have been improving, thanks to better tracking through properly implemented #marketing #automation software products.

As a continued trend into 2016, I believe that B2B Marketers will continue to decrease their events and trade show budgets, and move their budgets divided between digital lead generation programs and content marketing development. As I see now, B2B companies that have had more than 70% of their marketing program spends in events and trade shows will decrease their budgets to below 45% and will increase their spends towards #digital #marketing.

If you’re a B2B Marketer that has more than 65% of their marketing program spend in events and trade shows, now is the time to look into investing into a marketing automation software tool to help track your leads better for transparency and decrease your events budget towards starting or expanding your digital marketing programs, or suffer the consequence of having an unhappy CEO, that is looking towards modern marketing that your peers have already committed to for 2016.

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